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           The group of dances Nemunas was founded in 1971 by Jonas Lukosevicius. He drove the group up to 1984. Silvia Bendoraitis continued the coordination of the group up to 1992. Rosana Ramasauskas Petroff is the current coordinator. Orlando Danielis coordinates the group of young veteran.
          Nemunas participated of almost all the festivals of national dances, festival of songs and dances in Lithuania in 1998. Nemunas participated of almost all the commemorations of February 16 in São Paulo and it also participated annually of the German community's festivals.

Performance Highlights:

- participated in almost all Lithuanian Folk Dance Festivals;
- perfomed at festivals and functions in Barreto, São Paulo, Ubatuba, Holambra, Suzano, Aruja, Jacarei, Rio de Janeiro;
- participated at the World Lithuanian Song and Dance Festival in Vilnius (1998);
- since its inception, has appeared at all Lithuanian Independence Day February 16th commemorations in São Paulo;
- is invited to perform at annual celebrations by the Brazillian-German community;

General Notes:

Nemunas is the only South American group which has participated at most Lithuanian Folk Dance Festivals and is pleased to be part of the 11th in Canada.

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